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Valued Leader Coaching Process


Coaching for senior executives and other highly valued leaders is customized to address goals of the individual and organization. 

 Specific goals target enhancement of individual capacity and potential leading to increased organization effectiveness.  The coaching process achieves short and long term positive impact, in part, by enabling individuals to improve their leadership and management abilities and their relationships with others.


To accomplish the coaching goals the following objectives must be met.

  • Meet with senior executives and other key leaders who are going to be coached, and if appropriate, with their individual sponsors, to establish clear expectations for the leader and the coach.
  • Recognize and acknowledge the strengths and values the individual leader has that support the investment of a coach.
  • Have the leader recognize opportunities for growth & development.
  • Identify individual and collective strengths that can be leveraged and any issue(s) which may be impacting effectiveness and potential.
  • Develop a customized plan to address opportunities and issue(s).
  • Implement the prescriptive program through coaching sessions.
  • Align coaching goals with key initiatives, strategic and tactical planning, team and individual performance expectations.
  • Measure and monitor results and modify as needed.
  • Conclude the program by having the leader present the program’s outcomes to his or her sponsor or supervisor.

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MSCEIT – Mayer, Salovey Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test

EQ-i - Leadership Reports

DISC – Success Insights – Executive Assessment

360 Global Organizational Leadership Development (GOLD) Competency Survey

 Key Benefits Quote from a senior vice president in an organization who had his entire extended leadership team coached over three years:

 “Emotional Intelligence coaching for senior leaders and staff had a significant positive impact on their effectiveness. It improved our relationships with our customers and our interactions with other divisions. By understanding the emotional ‘landscape,’ we are much better equipped to manage our own reaction to events in the workplace and as a result, we are able to produce more effective solutions with our business partners.”